Full Stack Artificial Intelligence
Accelerated Learning Program​

A first-of-its-kind education curriculum that focuses on the
practical skills and strategies needed to lead a successful career in
AI development, management, and leadership.

With a predicted business value of $3.9 Trillion by 2022, we’re creating professionals for the Age of AI.

Catalyse the right decisions for business

Become the critical asset that companies need to guide decision makers on key insights, operational tactics, and growth strategies. It’s not enough for businesses to know, they need people like you to help predict what will happen and how they can take advantage of opportunities they didn’t see before.

Learn from real-world practitioners

Roll up your sleeves and learn from seasoned professionals on what to look for, practical implementation techniques, and the right ways to generate value from the insights you unearth. 

You’ll learn how to present your solutions to business stakeholders that address their needs, build on their ideas, and help you generate value for your company.

Learn during your busy schedule

We built a schedule around your demanding responsibilities and that gives you the ability to schedule one-on-one sessions with professors and industry experts when needed. Maintain your full-time schedule while upskilling for the future of AI work.

Lead a challenging and high-growth career that defines the future of work


Data Scientist


Machine Learning Engineer


Data Architect

* Average Salary Reports from PayScale.com



Our Part-Time courses are designed to be modular, enabling individuals and organizations to enroll in a full end-to-end certification program or be able to select key modules they prefer to engage in.

We don’t simply train you in Data Science, we prepare you for Data Science in the Age of AI. Leveraging Python, we take you through Data Analysis & Visualizations, Database Management & Workflow, Applied Linear Algebra with Statistical Inference and Modeling. You’ll end this module by delivering a complete project where you need to apply data cleaning, data analysis, and prediction models on real-world datasets.

On a nearly weekly basis, you will be taking a deep dive into all the major subjects of Machine Learning. We start you with Machine Learning with Python, then take you through Supervised Learning, Training & Evaluation of ML Models, Unsupervised Learning, in addition to Ensemble Learning. To wrap up the module, you’ll be developing an end-to-end project that compares different Machine Learning models on a real-world dataset

Within deep learning, you’ll be able to wield some of the most powerful technologies that truly scale intelligence for business. Explore the fundamentals of Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Generative Models, Reinforcement Learning, and finally; we jump into Graph Convolutional Neural Networks. Your end-to-end project is to apply one of the neural network types on a real-world scenario use case.

This is where we prepare you for the most common use cases and business scenarios you’ll engage in. We also review some of the tools that are powerful for deep data analysis, such as Natural Langue Processing (NLP)and Machine Vision (object recognition, deep fakes, etc.). Lastly, we train you on the explainability and visualization of your solutions so you can properly engage with executives and business decision-makers. Your final project will include applying NLP or Machine Vision techniques to a real-world and complex challenge.

One of the most important aspects of developing Artificial Intelligence solutions is understanding how to prepare, deploy, and manage the solution in a Production Environment. We walk you through developing an AI Strategy, Machine Learning Lifecycle of development and deployment, Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), as well as Privacy, Security, and Ethics. Your final project will be to deploy your AI solution into production.

Data, Statistics, Algebra, & AI

We bring you the most complete and robust AI course ever brought so that you can effectively and quickly upskill into the future of work and pursue a career in AI. Feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to share with you our detailed syllabus and answer any questions you have on the course material.

Download Detailed Syllabus


Example AI Projects that you will be creating.

Scarping stocks data through web scraping, cleaning data, and performing correlation stock analysis
A prediction model to predict the customer status for a telecommunication company
Predicting Probability of Being Admitted to Graduate School

Schedule Overview

Learn, study, and work from anywhere. Together, with us

  • Part-Time Schedule

    Classes are twice a week, 2 hours each after 5 PM EST, allowing you to work and maintain all your responsibilities while you invest into your career.

  • Highly Manageable Workload

    Instructors provide assignments that give real-world experience and challenges but not so that you get unnecessarily bogged down.

  • Dedicated Instructors

    Each student has 4 hours of dedicated time every month with instructors to review projects, assignments, or discuss what matters most to them and their career goals.


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Sayyed is a Ph.D. Candidate in Artificial Intelligence and an active researcher and lecturer at the University of Toronto and The Vector Institute of AI. He has managed mid-to-large privately and publicly traded companies as a C-Level Technology executive, including Chief Technology Officer, Chief Technology Architect, and founder and investor of several high-tech startups.


Bleeding-edge technologist, C-Suite Executive, and Applied AI Educator & Practitioner.


January Cohort

Full Stack AI Program Begins!

The Jan 12th cohort begins, with a focus on a summer graduation!

January 12, 2021

Module 1

Data Science for AI

Module 1 of the Full Stack AI Program begins for those looking to only perform this module.

January 12th, 2021

Tuition & Financing

Options to make education available to all, we will work to find a solution that is right for you

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$2,750 USD

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$12,500 USD *

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  • * Save $1,250 on the full $13,750 USD tuition by paying in full upfront.
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Installments & Other Options
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$1,000 USD

  • per Installment, conditions apply

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